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Backstage with Clark at the men’s Fall 2014 Calvin Klein Collection runway show. 
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Backstage with Clark at the men’s Fall 2014 Calvin Klein Collection runway show. 

Ene 27, 2014

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Dressing up for Japan’s Coming of Age Day (成人の日)

To see more photos and videos of Coming of Age Day celebrations in Japan, browse the #成人の日, #成人式 and #ComingOfAgeDay hashtags.

On the second Monday of January, Japan’s Coming of Age Day (成人の日) takes place. The holiday congratulates and emboldens young men and women who turned the legal adult age of 20 during the previous year. On this day, the 20-year-old men and women will often have their portraits taken by professional photographers, attend ceremonies hosted by city or prefectural halls and gather for middle school and high school reunions.

The day is full of celebration events, many of which are attended in formal dress. This consists of fashionable suits or traditional Japanese menswear called hakama (袴) for men and gorgeously designed kimonos with long sleeves called furisode (振り袖) for women. The event is of particular importance for women and often requires going to beauty salons early in the morning to have hair and makeup styled as well as picking out the perfect furisode well in advance. Lately, girls will also have their manicures match the designs of their kimonos.

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Instagramming the Arctic with @swdavest

For more photos and videos from the arctic plains of Alaska, follow @swdavest on Instagram.

"My husband built a hotel here a few years ago. After we met, we came back to do another building project," says Stanche Sweatman (@swdavest), who shares photos and videos from her life in arctic Alaska on Instagram. “This time around, we’ve been here just over year.”

Instagram helps pass the time in a place where, in the winter season, it’s dark nearly 24 hours a day. “My husband is busy working most of the time, so I escape every chance I get to take pictures and spend time during the day and evenings on Instagram.”

With temperatures often dropping to -40°F (-40°C), the temptation to stay inside where it’s warm can be strong—but the extremely photogenic and alien arctic landscape often wins out. “Instagram is my motivation to brave the weather and get out regardless of the temperature or conditions and take pictures,” says Stanche. “I think the extreme cold somehow comes through in my pictures.”

Unfortunately, dark winter days mean occasionally missing out on an exciting photo opportunity. “Once, we received a call from friends who told us there was a polar bear in town. It was only about five minutes from our house so we took the truck and went to have a look. We stayed in the truck and watched the bear, about 30 yards away, eating a seal, oblivious to our presence,” Stanche says. “It was too dark for good pictures, but still a great experience.”


Canal Saint Martin
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Canal Saint Martin

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Local Lens: Catching Sunsets along the Northern Californian Coast with @scottborerro

In this series, local Instagrammers show you their favorite places to shoot around where they live. For more sunsets along the Northern California coast, follow @scottborrero and friends @robbydurler, @throughthetinylens, @daylachris, @stephaniecrown and @kristine_nicole on Instagram.

As the community of Instagrammers has grown and connected people across the globe, so too has our ability to share some of the personal, hidden and beautiful locations in our hometowns.

In the first of a two-part series of local guides to San Francisco, Instagrammer Scott Borrero (@scottborrero) takes us along the coasts of Northern California and shares his favorite spots for shooting sunsets.

"I feel like Thornton Beach is one of the most amazing and lesser-known beaches in SF. When you first walk up, you are greeted by a large tree that overlooks the Thornton cliffside. From there, several trails lead down to smaller bluffs and eventually the ocean. Thornton actually lies on the San Andreas Fault so the landscape is very dynamic and unlike other beaches. One thing I really enjoy is hiking down into the ‘canyons’ and crevices that most beaches don’t have. Thornton is a great spot for the adventurous if you want to hike, but also for a relaxing sunset view high above the ocean.

"If you’re looking for a great sunset, Mori Point is the spot. I first discovered Mori Point about 8 months ago with my friend Robby (@robbydurler). We followed a trail that started just off the Pacific Coast Highway, not having any idea what was in store. As we neared the point we couldn’t believe our eyes: the cliff drops off to one of the most amazing views of the Pacific. Mori Point also has tons of wildflowers, so during spring it’s a very special place to visit.

"My favorite location to shoot or show anyone visiting the city would have to be Sutro Baths Ruins. The second you walk down those stairs, it’s as if you are transported to a place lost in time. The ruins and natural landscape make for some of the most amazing photo locations. I love to use the natural ‘mirror’ qualities of the baths to get some reflections or head down to the beach and catch some wave shots. Depending on the time of year, spots which are usually inaccessible become available to explore as the tides change. Sutro Baths is also so huge that even after a year of exploring I am still finding places I’ve never seen.”

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How I Shoot: @sweatengine on Capturing the Perfect Time-Lapse Video

How I Shoot is a series where we ask Instagrammers to tell us about the set-up and process behind their photos and videos. This week, Kevin Lu (@sweatengine) shares how he captures time-lapse videos. See more of Kevin’s tips on his website.

Since the launch of video on Instagram last year, New York Instagrammer Kevin Lu (@sweatengine) has been on a quest to perfect the art of capturing time-lapse videos with his iPhone. “Time-lapse" describes the technique of creating a video by stitching together a large sequence of photos taken over time, which makes slow changes appear to happen faster. These days, Kevin’s feed is full of spectacular time-lapse videos from around New York City.

For those interested in trying their hand at capturing a time-lapse video, Kevin provides these tips:


iPhone (4 or later recommended)

Vantage Point

"Choosing an appropriate vantage point is crucial to the success of the result. Often the subject of a time-lapse video is movement itself. Pick a subject that changes, moves slowly over time or makes intermittent, unpredictable movements for interesting results.

"As a rule of thumb, each frame of a time-lapse video should also be as good as a still photograph."


"There are many time-lapse apps available in the App Store. I personally prefer TimeLapse (iOS, $4.99) for its user interface and control settings. Lapse It (iOS and Android, Free) is another popular choice. They all do similar things—the difference is usually in control or output resolution.

"When shooting a time-lapse video, pay attention to the following technical details:

  • Secure the iPhone (on a small tripod or solid object) to eliminate camera shake.
  • Turn off iPhone’s auto-lock feature.
  • Make sure the iPhone has enough battery power.
  • If possible, from your time-lapse app lock the exposure settings before you start shooting. This will get rid of a distracting effect called ‘flickering’.

"The shoot duration, final length, and shutter speed all contribute to how the final video will look. For a final video length of 15 seconds, I typically use the following shoot settings for duration:

  • 5-10 minutes for slow to average city traffic
  • 10-15 minutes for pedestrian traffic
  • 15-20 minutes for clouds
  • 20 minutes or longer for sunrise/sunset

"Of course, as I mentioned earlier, these are not strict rules for this is a dynamic and creative process. It takes patience and practice to get it just right. Some apps let you adjust shutter speed as well. In general you can leave shutter speed on ‘auto.’"


"I do the majority of my editing with an app called Videon (iOS, $4.99). Videon allows me to straighten and sharpen my videos, as well as make adjustments to important parameters such as exposure, contrast, temperature and saturation.

"My editing usually begins with straightening my video, followed by slight sharpening and brightening underexposed shadowy areas. After these adjustments, I trim the video to 15 seconds before exporting it to camera roll. I then use another app called Lumify (iOS, Free) to pair my video with appropriate background music. Frequently I put on an Instagram video filter before I share.”